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Coaching is more than the Box Score

By Jamie Joy, Manager of Operations

With so many people focused on winning, coaching sometimes takes a back seat. People are too concerned with winning and losing, but what we are losing is kids because they aren’t getting what they need – leadership training and role models.

As a coach it is easy to get caught up in this hysteria because too often times one’s credibility and quality as a coach is determined by the ‘W’ column. I’d like to show the other side of the coin. The biggest reward you can get from a player is when they come up to you years later and tell you how big of an impact you made on their lives. Remember baseball is the vehicle in making today’s youth tomorrow’s leaders.

You can be remembered as the guy who won district titles, state titles, and regional titles or simply as the coach that made a difference in the life of a player when no one else bothered.

The choice for me is simple. I’d take the latter and rejoice in the fact that my time and patience went into creating, not only a solid ballplayer, but a model citizen.

Just remember why you’re coaching and why you are there. It’s a game for the kids, played by the kids. Embrace this opportunity and make a difference in someone’s life and help make your community a better place.

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