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What equipment a girl needs depends very much on their age and what their coach desires they have. For example, most of our older girls will have their own bats and other gear, where our T-Ballers and 8U players may not. A few things to be aware of:

  1. Gloves
    Each player must have her own glove. We highly recommend gloves that are leather, not vinyl, as leather is more durable and better for fielding.
  2. Batting Helmets
    Each player must have her own NOCSAE approved batting helmet. USA Softball rules also require that helmets have a NOCSAE approved face mask affixed, as well.
  3. Cleats
    Players should have their own cleats. Softball, baseball or soccer cleats are acceptable. No metal spikes (except 14U).
  4. Bats
    SDYS does provide age appropriate bats for T-Ball and 8U players, so they do not have to have their own. Older players who do not have their own bats typically can borrow one from a coach or a teammate. Approved bats can be found on the USA Softball Certified USA Softball Equipment webpage and will have an ASA Certification mark.
  5. Fielding Masks
    SDYS highly recommends fielding masks for all players 8U and older, especially pitchers and infielders.
  6. Sliding Shorts
    SDYS recommends padded sliding shorts for 10U and older players.
  7. Pants
    Softball pants are provided for the Spring season, but players should provide their own for the Fall season.

SDYS will provide other basic equipment including balls and catcher's gear, however you may purchase any of these items on your own if desired.


The most common "parent purchased" equipment problem we see is that the bats or gloves the girls come out with are too big. Check with your sporting goods professional or a board member if you need some assistance, especially with bats, so that we don't ask them to save that shiny new bat for next season when they are a little bigger and stronger to handle it.