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June COVID-19 Update

By SDYS 06/23/2020, 11:15pm PDT

SDYS Community,

Hope everyone is doing well during these trying times. We are approaching 100 days in this pandemic but there is light at the end of the tunnel. With the ease of restrictions, we as a league have a bright light that we can see. We are now allowed to get back to our fields and have some softball activities. We appreciate all the all the responses to our recent survey and feedback on what everyone's thinking, what their concerns are and how eager they are to get back out to the ballpark.

With those results , we as a Board have determined a path forward for the league and to abide by the guidelines and protocols that the State, County and City.

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April COVID-19 Update

By SDYS 04/13/2020, 12:00pm PDT

SDYS Community,

The start of April has come and gone as we head into the 2nd half of the month. Thankfully, the shelter-in-place orders appear to be working and the spread of COVID-19 is stabilizing and even slowing down.

At this point in time, we are basically in a wait-and-see mode and waiting for guidance from city/county/state government, USA Softball and neighboring softball leagues to see when it if and when it will be safe to resume softball activities.

Our ideal scenario is to come to some sort of conclusion to the Spring Season - preferably at somewhere between one to three weeks of practice and games before an end-of-season tournament, even if this means concluding the season later than usual. Mid-to-late May? June? Maybe even July?

Our worst case scenario would be that social distancing must continue to be enforced to ensure the safety of our community and we would be unable to finish the spring season.

A USA Softball Presidents meeting will be held next week, the week of April 20th, to further discuss what the the best possibilities are for moving forward. Governor Newsom also announced that at the end of the month the state will be re-evaluating the data to see where we stand.

In the mean time, thank you for the support and stay safe. We hope to see you on the dirt, soon.

SDYS Board of Directors

COVID-19 Update

By SDYS 03/13/2020, 5:00pm PDT

SDYS Community,

To ensure the safety of everyone in our softball community, the board has had an in depth conversation about suspending the season until we feel it is safe to resume our activities. Based on currently available data and recommendations from county health officials, effective immediately we are suspending games and practices until April 1st. If by then county health officials feel it is safe to go back to normal activities we will do so. If something happens before then and county health officials feel we can resume normal activities we will inform the coaches and the league to resume practices and games. As April 1st approaches and county health officials are still recommending us not to resume activities, we will update the league as appropriate as to our status and how we plan to move forward with the league.

USA Softball is meeting today to discuss play for the summer with All Star teams, as soon as we receive the word if they are going to continue as planned or modify it, we will inform the league. Please be patient with us and everyone else during this time. Safety of our children takes precedence over playing a game of softball. Any pertinent information about the status of play, will be posted on our website, along with an email going out to all members of our league. If you do have any questions feel free to email SDYS President Steve Indian.

Thank you for your support, stay safe, healthy and dry! We hope to see you very soon on the dirt.

SDYS Board


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